● Please phone the school office on 033138907 or eMail office@ashleyrakahuri.school.nz to arrange the enrolment process


● An enrolment is completed and returned to the school office. At this point you will be encouraged to come and meet with our Principal, and to have a look around the school.


● Your child’s new entrant teacher will then make contact with you to arrange pre entry visits. There will generally be 3 visits depending on need. Please email our new entrant teacher Karen Daly k.daly@ashleyrakahuri.school.nz if you have any queries.


● Pre-schools are also welcome to visit as part of the transition process, along with the child.

Cohort Entry

Ashley Rakahuri School has adopted ‘cohort entry.’ Cohort entry is when new entrants start school in groups through the year rather than on their fifth birthday.
In schools which have adopted a policy of cohort entry new entrants are able to start school in cohorts but only after they have turned five. There are two entry points per term (see below).